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Jose Vazquez Luca de Tena

Pharmacist Focus on sports injuries and chronic pain

José graduated in Pharmacy from the Alfonso X University, after his previous three-year training in Valencia and one year exchange in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil).

Previously he has carried out research work related to the therapeutic use of Cannabis for chronic pain, as an alternative to opioids, and the use of cannabinoids for sports wellness. His research work has been refuted and proven, being an athlete himself, he has been including these therapies in his day to day to increase his sports performance, treat injuries and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Josés objective in the Spanish cannabis scene is to investigate and offer help to patients. He also founded a Startup, with a line of products from flowers, oils, liquid vapes and creams for athletes, so that people can incorporate them based on their needs or lifestyle, in an affordable way and with excellent quality.

His passion for this plant stems mainly from the versatility of remedies it offers and those that remain to be discovered.

His main aspiration is to contribute and support the scientific and business development of the use of Cannabis Sativa in society.


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