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9 min
The phases of sleep and restful sleep Sleep is the most frequent activity of every human being, being of fundamental importance for the health of our organism. As we learned in the article on "how to take CBD for sleep", sleep disorders are very common and can have negative consequences on many metabolic functions, as […]
8 min
What is CBD and what is it for? Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the main active ingredients of the Cannabis plant, nowadays known worldwide for its therapeutic properties recognised by the WHO. The importance of CBD in the therapeutic field is due to its low level of toxicity compared to other drugs, the fact […]
12 min
If you are thinking of starting your own private label CBD project in Spain, either within your company or as a freelancer, you probably aspire to create products from scratch. However, both the sector and the raw material require a series of skills in which very few brands, such as The Beemine Lab, are specialised […]
Lucas Corrales
12 min
To become a CBD distributor you need to know a series of logistical and legal aspects to take into account, such as: an economic plan, the quality and reliability of CBD products, the marketing possibilities depending on the country, and which distribution platforms you are thinking about using. Here are some of our tips and […]
8 min
Among the diseases that can affect the musculoskeletal system, causing pain and inflammation, problems affecting the knees, one of the most complex joints in the human body due to its crucial role in maintaining posture and movement, stand out. Knee pain can have different causes and manifest itself in acute or chronic form, causing varying […]
7 min
What is depression? Depression is a mood disorder, i.e. it affects the emotional and psychological state and is reflected in social and professional functioning, being the leading cause of disability worldwide. Depression is an illness that affects 5% of the adult population but can occur at all ages, interfering negatively with a person's quality of […]
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