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Hello, my name is cannabis and you.

Part 1: We want to introduce you to the first part of our Cannabis Guide. This project is aimed at breaking down the wall that exists between us and cannabis, a plant that has been used as a natural remedy throughout human history.

· Dear Reader:

Our goal is to make this guide your first date with Cannabis. We want you to have some time alone and have the opportunity to get to know each other more. Cannabis is eager to tell you its story: it wants to tell you about everything that has happened, where it grew up, the things that have changed its life, the lies and truths spread about it, what it needs and, above all, what it can give you. This way you can learn about each other and maybe even have a second date.

At The Beemine Lab we want to break the stigmas around the cannabis plant. We believe that education is essential to understand how we have gotten to this point and the work that remains to be done in this sector. We are proud to be the spokesperson for this informative content. We hope to teach you something new and that our contribution can help regulate and maybe one day legalize the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis.

There will be more dates, this is only the first. Don’t be nervous, get out the wine, there’s a knock on your door, we want to introduce you to Cannabis. Don’t worry, we’re sure sparks will fly.

Christina Schwertschlag and Claudia Nicolás Creative Director & Editor
P.S. Sadly this edition is only available in Spanish, at the moment!

· Index

  • Hi, my name is Cannabis and you?
  • Subspecies of Cannabis
  • Everything you know about Cannabis is a lie
  • Kinds of Cannabis
  • Difference between hemp and Cannabis
  • Cannabis is good for you and good for the planet
  • Cannabis Benefits
  • Bibliography
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