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CBD Skin Care Routine

CBD Skin Care Routine

We are revolutionizing skincare by uniting the benefits of honey and cannabis. This synergy between CBD and honey offers us a beauty routine that hydrates, regulates, disinfects and is packed with antioxidantstoprotect your skin from aging, prevent acne and soothe topical skin afflictions. CBD is recommended for all skin types since it regulates the production of sebum and skin cell repair, whether you have oily or dry skin CBD can help soothe, eliminate or prevent skin afflictions and blemishes such as eczema, wrinkles, pimples or rosacea (bacterial origin). We recommend a 5 step CBD skin care beauty routine. You will need the following:

  • Your daily cleanser
  • Honey
  • CBD oil
  • CBD Hydrating facial cream

Step 1 : Clean your face.

Everyday we should clean our face, this helps remove the leftovers of makeup, dirt and grease. You can use a cleansing gel, a biphasic oil or micellar water. It is important to clean our skin every day since the accumulation of fat and dirt in our pores can cause breakouts. We have to avoid skipping out on this step and be super constant, it’s vital for any beauty routine.

Tips to clean your face:

  • There is an ideal cleanser, it’s inexpensive, 100% natural and you definitely have it in your kitchen: Olive Oil. Apply the olive oil directly on your face with your fingers, use a humid washcloth (just place it under the faucet with some hot water and wring it out) and place this on your face. This will open up your pores and gently remove the dirt.
  • Always use warm water: This opens your pores and helps extract more dirt.
  • Avoid products with sulfates: They remove fat aggressively and can cause dehydration and irritation.
  • Take your time: The products need time to take effect, take the opportunity to massage your face and neck, this will stimulate your lymphatic system which is great to lower inflammation.

Step 2 : Prepare a face mask with a little bit of honey.

Honey is antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic: It eliminates bacterias. Disinfects and reduces the possibility of infection. Reduces and protects from viruses like herpes. Repairs your skin: Provides luminosity, nutrition and relief for skin damaged by the sun, cold or pollution. Honey provides antioxidants and fatty acids, which are integral in the repair and regeneration of our skin. It's a naturally anti-inflammatory remedy: It prevents and reduces inflammation by inhibiting and blocking cyclooxygenase activity. Its anti-inflammatory properties offer non-toxic solutions for people with acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and/or eczema. An antioxidant at home: Fights free radicals, taking care of your skin from aging and pollution. With only two tablespoons of honey you can make a mask that will provide luminosity, shine and a perfect exfoliating effect for your skin and lips. Apply normal honey or Honey with CBD on your face and don't forget about the neck.

Tips for using face masks:

  • Take your time: You will need about 15-20 minutes, put on a show, lose yourself on Instagram or in a book. If you want, leave it up to half an hour or more.
  • Don’t abuse or abandon the routine: Use masks between one to two times a week alternating with the use of serums.
  • If you want to know more about homemade masks adapted to different skin types, check out our blog: 5 Masks with honey and CBD

Step 3 : Hydrate your skin. CBD Hydrating Facial Cream

Our moisturizer contains Cannabidiol Extract (CBD), Honey and Hemp Seed Oil that provide antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, necessary for the repair and regeneration of skin cells and tissues, giving your skin natural strength and shine. These properties are ideal to combat sun and pollution. The CBD in our hydrating facial cream provides soothing, anti-irritation and anti-inflammatory properties which are ideal for sensitive, stressed and irritated skin. It is also highly restorative for skin with acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and/or eczema. It has a light texture and is easily absorbed.

Tips for using the moisturizer:

  • Apply the cream on your hands before applying on your face. As with any oil, you should warm it up by rubbing the palms of your hands together.
  • Do not apply the cream directly to your face in globs. This could clog your pores and provoke breakouts.
  • Do not apply the cream with a completely dry face, apply the moisturizer after cleaning your face, when it is still moist

Step 4 : Hydration boost. CBD Oil

CBD Frontal

As a serum, use the CBD Oil Basic 3% between 1 and 2 times a week. CBD Oil regulates the production of sebum and skin cell repair, which is why it notably improves afflictions such as acne and eczema. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can alleviate and prevent the appearance of rosacea, acne and atopic dermatitis. Its analgesic effect helps to calm and reduce itchy skin with atopic dermatitis.

Tips for using serums and essential oils on your skin:

  • Less is more! 2-3 drops will suffice.
  • Moisten your face and hands before applying CBD Oil. You can also previously use a water-based hydrating cream, such as our CBD Hydrating facial cream. This way, the Oil can penetrate your skin more effectively.
  • Apply the CBD Oil on your hands and warm it by rubbing your palms so that it takes your body temperature and easily penetrates your skin.
  • Apply it with a gentle massage and wait for the oil to be completely absorbed.

Step 5 : Be careful of sun exposure!

To follow this CBD beauty routine well, you have to consider how harmful sun exposure can be. During the day make sure not to expose your skin (unprotected) to the sun for longer than 15 minutes. Unprotected sun exposure accelerates the aging process of the skin and increases the risk of the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, in addition to other serious skin pathologies.

Tips to take care of your skin from the sun:

  • Use sunscreen daily, especially if you know you are going to be out in the sun. Apply 30 minutes before exposure and repeat the process every 2 hours for complete protection.
  • Exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells, this allows skin to regenerate. Honey is an ideal exfoliant because it both hydrates and exfoliates at the same time.

Step 6 : Drink lots of water!

A classic, we never get tired of saying. It is essential to hydrate on the inside to shine on the outside. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water during the day.

Tips for drinking lots of water:

  • Tea also counts! And depending on the type, it has many added benefits.
  • If the water seems boring and bland to you, try adding things like lemon, peppermint or pomegranate concentrate. This will make the water more palatable and cleansing.
  • Drink a glass of water every time you drink a coffee. Coffee can cause gastritis and make you more dehydrated, cold water slows down the secretion of gastrin and prevents the appearance of gastritis and ulcers.
  • Include it in your routine: Before exercising, before eating, after going to the bathroom ... Any time is a good time for a glass of water.

By following this beauty routine with CBD you will prevent the appearance of flaky, unbalanced skin and pimples. All skin types are different and there are afflictions that need special care. If you have any localized irregularities, whether they are from the result of burns, dermatitis or acne, treat those areas daily by administering a drop of CBD Oil. Don't lose patience and keep track of your progress through photos. Tell us your experience or contact us to answer questions about specific cases, application methods, etc ... through:

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Author information

Neuropsychologist | Specialised in treatments with Medical Cannabis

Tommaso Bruscolini

Tommaso Bruscolini (Rimini, Italy) is a neuropsychologist and phytotherapist based in Barcelona, where he has been running his private practice since 2014, both in person and online, where he formulates and produces different preparations with all kinds of medicinal plants, as well as making personalised recommendations.

A member of the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia and qualified as a Health Psychologist, he is a specialist in Neuropsychology, the branch that studies the brain and its neurological function. Tommaso complements his training with studies in Phytotherapy and Herbalism at the Guild of Herbalists of Catalonia and two Masters, one in Nutrition and Herbal Dietetics and the other in Mindfulness.

In recent years she has specialised in Medical Cannabis, through private training and collaborations with different entities in the world of Medical Cannabis, coordinating for a year a clinic specialising in cannabinoid medicine, carrying out consultations, writing articles, talks, training courses as well as carrying out consultations and patient follow-up.

He currently collaborates with several entities of the cannabis sector in Spain, among other things he is the coordinator of the therapeutic area of the magazine DolceVita España, consultant in the SmokingMap portal, collaborator of the Unión de Pacientes por la Regulación del Cannabis (UPRC) and Alpha-Cat certified technician to perform cannabinoid analysis.

What fascinates him most about the Cannabis plant is the possibility it has to change the current medicinal and therapeutic paradigm towards a more holistic vision as it acts on our body, mind and mood, in a synergic way.

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