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CBD, Honey and Atopic Dermatitis

Get to know the benefits of CBD and honey for atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin types. Christina tells us her experience with CBD and honey!

CBD, Honey and Atopic Dermatitis
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Hola! I’m Christina, product developer at The Beemine Lab. Today i’m going to tell you about my personal experience with my skin, honey and CBD.

Dermatitis and my skin

I have atopic dermatitis, sometimes also known as atopic eczema, a skin affliction which, worldwide, affects 2-5% of adults and 10-20% of children. It’s a chronic condition which is characterized by dry, scaly and irritated skin. The biggest problem about dermatitis is the itchiness it provokes, which in turn leaves one’s skin dry, scaly and red. There are many kinds of dermatitis however few solutions to relieve its symptoms.

Dermatitis is super common but there are a lot of things that doctors don’t know about why it affects people the way it does or how to cure it. We know that it is an autoimmune disease, this means that your immune system attacks healthy parts of your body when it shouldn’t. We know our genetics and environmental triggers can factor into being more or less prone to dermatitis. Environmental triggers can be especially involved in increasing inflammation and symptoms like itchiness and dryness.

I’ve always had atopic dermatitis, then sometimes I get cold sores, I’m super sensitive and allergic to a bunch of things and have even had strange cutaneous infections. My skin is like Murphy’s Law, whatever can happen will.

However atopic dermatitis has been the most constant affliction in my life. It’s not the end of the world and there are far more difficult afflictions to deal with in life, but it’s a daily problem and can get out of hand. Sometimes you don’t even want to go to work or see friends because you have some weird breakout on your skin. When I was 12 I was bullied for a full year because I had a dry patch on my skin.


Finding my natural remedy for my atopic dermatitis

Today I wanted to share my experience last summer with the CBD Hydrating Facial Cream, Hani+ and the CBD Oil Basic, which saved my week.

I was working on a project in the countryside and as most european countryside, it was full of ragweed (I’m allergic, who would have guessed!), so allergies, bugbites, and sun were all after me. Even though I would put on sunscreen religiously, I was doing all sorts of physical work so I would just sweat it off and buuurn baby burn. My neck, arms and hands were red, itchy and raw. My skin had changed completely. It’s pretty normal for your skin to betray you when you aren’t in your habitual setting or following your normal routine. Just one week out of my routine and my skin was enemy #1.

I started applying, religiously, the CBD Hydrating cream every night, 2 layers and then a couple drops of the CBD Oil Basic 3% to trap in that moisture. I did this on my neck and inner arms. Then on my hands, which were the worst because I had been doing manual labor, I applied Hani+ (Honey with CBD) and I put on a band-aid. Three days later and my skin was back to normal. It was magic.


CBD y Honey: A natural remedy for my dermatitis

Being a person who has had dermatitis her whole life, I’ve been to all sorts of dermatologists and they’ve always told me the same thing “Constantly apply cream, take lukewarm showers, less stress and here take this cortisone cream.” The problem with cortisones or steroids is that they inhibit natural processes of our skin and immune system, and personally for me they don’t even work that well.

CBD was a natural solution with no side-effects (for me), it regulates natural processes. Our skin is full of cannabinoid receptors and CBD activates the Endocannabinoid system, helping it regulate our skin. Many studies today have been studying dermatitis and the ECS and there are theories that dermatitis is influenced by an imbalance in the endocannabinoid system… fascinating!

There are a lot of factors to take into account, like sun, stress and low immune defenses. This last one is especially important since we know that atopic dermatitis is directly linked to our immune system so we want to make sure it’s strong so it doesn’t create any unnecessary problems.

One of the most important factors is consistency. It’s important to keep up with a routine and find that magical method for you. Each of us is different and no remedy is going to be some kind of miraculous all in one-i can fix everything. Listen to your skin, keep a journal, drink a lot of water and seriously keep those stress levels down, stress kills!

For now here at Beemine we’re investigating all sorts of new ways to use cannabinoids, honey and other bee-derivatives to create products to relieve daily problems, so I’ll keep you all updated.

Until next time! Adios <3


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Christina Schwertschlag (Author)

Christina dedicates her time to research and development in the cannabis world. With experience in design, innovation and sustainability projects, she seeks to unite different entities in the cannabis world to help destigmatize the plant and make it more accessible to users.



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