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CBD and sun care: Recovery and Renewal

Sun exposure can leave skin in need of specialised recovery.
While sunscreen is essential to prevent damage, post-exposure care is equally important to help skin recover and stay healthy. CBD, with its soothing and antioxidant properties, presents itself as a key ingredient for post-sun care.

How does CBD help the skin recover?

Studies suggest that CBD may help soothe skin after sun exposure, thanks to its ability to reduce feelings of discomfort and promote skin recovery. A review in the American Journal of Physiology indicates that CBD may have beneficial effects on skin exposed to stress, including UV exposure, supporting recovery and cell renewal.

CBD: Our key tool against skin oxidation.

Our range of CBD post-sun products is designed to harness these benefits, offering solutions that help soothe, hydrate and repair skin after sun exposure. By combining CBD with hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients, we aim to provide comprehensive care that restores skin to its optimal state.

Renew your skin after the sun with our CBD after-sun care collection. Experience the recovery and comfort your skin needs after a day in the sun, with the soothing and restorative power of CBD.

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