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Create your CBD White Label with Beemine Laboratories

Create your CBD White Label with Beemine Laboratories

If you are thinking of starting your own private label CBD project in Spain, either within your company or as a freelancer, you probably aspire to create products from scratch. However, both the sector and the raw material require a series of skills in which very few brands, such as The Beemine Lab, are specialised at the moment.

As experts in manufacturing and distributing CBD products in Spain, in this article we explain everything you need to know to create your own CBD brand.

Keys to Selling CBD in Spain in 2022

We will now take a closer look at the following keys to commercialising CBD in Spain:

  • The legal situation
  • The benefits of the product
  • The target public
  • The packaging
  • Sales channels

The trendy ingredient, Cannabidiol, is a component of the Cannabis plant that, according to the WHO, could have benefits for personal wellbeing and the treatment of certain symptomatologies, but, surely if you are reading this you already know that in Spain and a large part of Europe its commercial use can only be cosmetic, that is to say, for external use. This will be one of the first aspects that you will have to take into account. The legal situation.

In The Beemine Lab we take care of all the legal and administrative documentation to overcome all the barriers and to make the market launch comfortable and agile. We develop the documentation for registration in the European portal for cosmetic products and for exporting these products outside Europe (CNPN).

create your CBD brandOn the other hand, the aforementioned benefits, are you going to specialise in a specific benefit? Are you going to launch a communication plan aimed at a more holistic use of the product? This step is fundamental to choose what information and ingredients you want your product to have.

Another aspect to take into account is the target audience. According to our market research, the majority of the target audience is young women, but depending on the specialisation, you can impact more specific market niches. Some consumers will prefer larger quantity formats, others will prefer design, which is why this step in the development of a CBD white label is also important when choosing the design and format of your product's packaging.

And lastly, the channel: when creating your own brand you need to know which channels you want to position yourself in, whether you are going to go for more traditional channels or opt for e-commerce, or if you want to white label CBD through dropshipping if you are going to need a large quantity of products or start with a small stock.

Sells with CBD Labs in Spain

If you were looking for wholesale CBD suppliers in Spain to market or create your brand from scratch, you are in the right place.

At Laboratorios Beemine we specialise in designing and manufacturing cannabinoid products such as CBD in Spain, with a high concentration of natural, 100% plant-based and animal cruelty-free ingredients. Our laboratory team is at the forefront of current technology and production capabilities:

  • Familiar with the Spanish market (regulation, marketing, distribution).
  • We produce all our references in compliance with the highest quality standards.
  • We carefully select each and every ingredient, demanding the highest standards from our suppliers.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified and certified in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetics (GMP): ISO 22716.

best cbd products

The best CBD products in Spain

Oils, creams, balms, ... Currently, all kinds of products are marketed by different CBD companies in Spain and Europe. Below we will give you the keys you need to know about the most popular products so that you can create your own brand:

White Label CBD Oils

Currently, CBD oils are the most demanded product on the market, a product with a simple formulation and a wide variety of uses and benefits that make this product a public favourite.

They can be found in various concentrations (3%, 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%) and formats of between 10-30ml. Concentrations of more than 30% require more complex formulations, as at this percentage the oils lose their liquid state and begin to form a viscous mass. This is why the most demanded percentages range between 5% and 20%.

In this dossier you can download all the information you need to create with us your own line of Cannabidiol oils in Spain.

What is the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolated CBD oil? What is the difference between distilled CBD and isolated CBD? Which is better?

Depending on the extraction method and its purity, the molecule can be obtained completely clean and isolated or with traces of other cannabinoids such as CBD or THC. The difference? Its therapeutic effect and its safety both medically and legally.

  • Full Spectrum or non-distilled CBD oil: In this type of oil, the cannabidiol is obtained through more subtle extraction methods, such as water, other oils, which allow the oil to contain the highest amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.
    • Pros: The therapeutic efficacy is higher due to the holistic aspect of the blend, also known as the entourage effect.
    • Cons: In terms of security and analysis, it does not allow us to have real control over the % of cannabinoids we want until we have our final formula already produced. In addition, at a legal level the % of THC in the mixture can create commercial problems, they can make an analysis to our products of a batch that makes that the complete production is required.
  • Broad Spectrun or distilled CBD oil: In this type of oil, the extraction method is somewhat more precise, through alcohol or other ingredients, allowing us to obtain a whole plant extract containing a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.
    • Pros: Like the full spectrum, studies show that combinations of cannabinoids have a better result.
    • Cons: Once again, the lack of safety both legally and analytically, it is still possible to generate legal problems also for the users themselves (traces of THC can give positive results in drug tests, etc.), which brings us to the last method of extraction.
  • Isolated CBD oil: CBD isolate is extracted from hemp and is highly refined to include only CBD. It is a pure, white, crystalline powder that is easily added to improve its formulation. In this type of CBD oil, the raw material has been obtained through a very precise and safe extraction method, such as isopropyl alcohol or Co2, which allows us to obtain the completely isolated molecule.
    • Pros: This CBD is the one that allows us greater security both for our customers and for our business, as it ensures a product 100% free of THC and other cannabinoids. This allows us to market with the security that our products are legal and consumers will not find surprises when it comes to work, medical or legal examinations.
    • Cons: Despite being the safest extraction method, it does not have the combined therapeutic effect offered by terpenes and other cannabinoids, although other cannabinoids obtained in isolation can be added to the formula to achieve the famous entourage effect.

Difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolated CBD oil

Why do we recommend using CBD isolate in your formulas?

The world's leading consumer brands rely on Mile High Labs CBD isolate as their main ingredient because of its purity and consistency. CBD isolate ensures that you get only crystalline CBD and absolutely no detectable THC.

With over 98% potency, our CBD isolate is extracted in a highly controlled environment and refined to ensure industry-leading purity and consistency.

Our CBD isolate is virtually tasteless and odourless, allowing it to be added to existing products without affecting taste or odour, ensuring your consumer product remains the same.

By choosing CBD isolate, you are getting a stable, fully compatible ingredient that consumers have trusted for years.

industrial hemp

CBD cosmetics to make White Label

CBD cosmetics are booming thanks to their regulating properties for oily skin and soothing properties for sensitive skin. Like the oils, which can be combined as a serum, they have various benefits that adapt to all skin types, offering results for people with a tendency towards acne, dermatitis, etc.

We develop your formula or adapt it to meet your needs. We have a qualified laboratory innovating with the latest technology. We develop samples until we meet your objectives and we advise you during the process.

Our CBD dermocosmetic line is the number 1 in pharmacies in Spain, so if you are thinking of developing your own private label cbd cosmetics, you can count on our CBD private label service to carry out your project.

CBD brand

CBD creams in Spain

Facial creams are the star format of CBD cosmetics, a product that offers a unique experience and results to its users due to the novel benefits of CBD for the skin.

Our formulations have a high percentage of natural ingredients (+95%), giving people with sensitive skin a safe and gentle formulation that they can use for a long time alongside their regular treatments. This is definitely a must-have format if you are thinking of creating your own cosmetic brand with CBD.

Why create your own White Label business with CBD?

Starting from scratch is not easy, and this is compounded by the complexity of the cannabis sector and the lack of familiarity of most laboratories with CBD. Even so, the sector is very attractive because the CBD market is expected to have a turnover of 150 million dollars by 2025, this forecasts an annual growth of more than 12% among users in Spain and all of Europe according to Prohibition Partners, over the next few years more than 3.2 billion customers will be looking for brands like yours. There are already CBD franchises in Spain with more than 60 outlets.

However, the legal risks, the increasing competitiveness of the sector and the need for industry knowledge make it a difficult market in which to establish yourself in the short term.

Advice from established brands such as Laboratorios Beemine may be the key to overcoming both the commercial and production barriers of the CBD market.

Estadísticas del número de personas que consumen cannabis

What is the legality of CBD in Spain?

To the question, is CBD legal in Spain? The answer is simple, but the practice is a bit more complicated.

As mentioned above, the CBD market in Spain is regulated only for cosmetic use. That means that for Cannabidiol in Spain for medicinal or therapeutic use is still limited to users who can access products like Sativex or Epidolex that contain CBD. 1:1 through their specialists.

Importing or producing your brand outside Spain without complying with labelling and marketing requirements can be very expensive. Formats such as flowers or oils are seized by the authorities in many outlets in Spain because they do not meet their requirements.

In addition, the THC content of the products must always be less than 0.02%.

That is why our production process is very strict and we only produce products for external use with CPNP (cosmetic licence).

We develop the documentation for registration in the European cosmetic products portal and for export outside Europe. We carry out the authorisation procedure for food supplements that are new to the market.

We will be pleased to advise you on all aspects of the CPNP. CPNP is the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal and aims to ensure transparency in the market.

Licence to sell CBD in Spain

In terms of the licences you need to sell CBD in Spain, all you need to do is carry out routine cannabinoid testing of your batches of CBD products to ensure that both the labelling and the content of the product comply with what it promises and with your country's regulatory framework.

Investing in CBD in Spain: Success Stories

There are already established franchises in the sector, such as Herbolarios Navarro, which began by marketing CBD oils from different brands until 2021, when they launched their own brand of CBD oils. 

The success can be seen in the communication emphasis on these same products in the points of sale and the fact that, in just one year, they are available in each and every one of their more than 40 physical shops.

On the other hand, brands such as ours, The Beemine Lab, which is only 4 years old, is already present in more than 400 pharmacies in Spain, which allows us to initiate a very ambitious R&D project in collaboration.

The Beemine Lab is committed to innovation and relies on both private and public institutions, as is the case of its recent collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UCM to explore the potential of CBD as a topical active ingredient, ahead of the rest of our international competitors,

This year we will also start with an ambitious internationalisation plan in France and Portugal. In addition, we will continue to expand the team with the young talent that characterises this project, which last year alone doubled its number of employees.

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Author information

Neuropsychologist | Specialised in treatments with Medical Cannabis

Tommaso Bruscolini

Tommaso Bruscolini (Rimini, Italy) is a neuropsychologist and phytotherapist based in Barcelona, where he has been running his private practice since 2014, both in person and online, where he formulates and produces different preparations with all kinds of medicinal plants, as well as making personalised recommendations.

A member of the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia and qualified as a Health Psychologist, he is a specialist in Neuropsychology, the branch that studies the brain and its neurological function. Tommaso complements his training with studies in Phytotherapy and Herbalism at the Guild of Herbalists of Catalonia and two Masters, one in Nutrition and Herbal Dietetics and the other in Mindfulness.

In recent years she has specialised in Medical Cannabis, through private training and collaborations with different entities in the world of Medical Cannabis, coordinating for a year a clinic specialising in cannabinoid medicine, carrying out consultations, writing articles, talks, training courses as well as carrying out consultations and patient follow-up.

He currently collaborates with several entities of the cannabis sector in Spain, among other things he is the coordinator of the therapeutic area of the magazine DolceVita España, consultant in the SmokingMap portal, collaborator of the Unión de Pacientes por la Regulación del Cannabis (UPRC) and Alpha-Cat certified technician to perform cannabinoid analysis.

What fascinates him most about the Cannabis plant is the possibility it has to change the current medicinal and therapeutic paradigm towards a more holistic vision as it acts on our body, mind and mood, in a synergic way.

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