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We fill the gaps of misinformation and bias with science through collaborations with experts.

Trust the experts, not us.

At The Beemine Lab we collaborate with a community of experts in different fields in order to provide the highest level of transparency.

The team

Alejandra Rexach Vega Alejandra Rexach Vega

Gynecologist | Obstetrics and preventive gynecology

Diego Colodron Diego Colodron

Holistic Nutritionist | Natural Supplementation Expert

Elisabet Pacho Daller Elisabet Pacho Daller

Biologist and neuroscientist | Focus on clinical neuroscience

Ines Gasset Ines Gasset

Medical student | Focus on neurokinematicsa

Dra. Joanna Kreitinger Dra. Joanna Kreitinger

Cell biologist and immunologist | Specialist in dermatology and autoimmune diseases

Jose Vazquez Luca de Tena Jose Vazquez Luca de Tena

Pharmacist : Focus on sports injuries and chronic pain

Lucas Corrales Lucas Corrales

Sales | Focus on Cannabis in the sports world

Nuria Chamorro Día Nuria Chamorro Día

Biotechnologist : Specialised in science communication

Sara Elián Elías Sara Elián Elías

Pharmacist specialising in Dermocosmetics

Dra. Sarah Chinelo Dra. Sarah Chinelo

General Practitioner | Specialised in clinical cannabinoid medicine

Tommaso Bruscolini Tommaso Bruscolini

Neuropsychologist | Specialised in treatments with Medical Cannabis

Viola Brugnatelli Viola Brugnatelli

Neuroscientist and Endocannabinologist | Specialising in the Endocannabinoid System

The Beemine Lab : Experts
The Beemine Lab : Experts

When technology and nature meet, the result is The Beemine Lab.

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