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Bee (CUTE) Pack

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Regulate the natural processes of your skin and save 23%

This pack contains:

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Our Facial Care Pack is ideal for establishing a skincare routine to help regulate our skin’s natural processes. Join the Happy Skin Club with CBD, a natural remedy from Cannabis.

This pack contains:

  • CBD Basic 3% CBD Oil | 10ml Hemp Seed Oil with 300 mg CBD (3%) | 1 mg / drop.
  • CBD Moisturising Cream | 50 ml of Facial Cream with 45 mg CBD (0.10%) and honey.
  • Lip Balm with CBD | 15ml Lip Balm with 20mg CBD (0.15%) and beeswax base

For properties, benefits and ingredients, please visit the individual product sheets.

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Repeated administration of CBD does not develop tolerance or dependence. For more information see the WHO report on the use of CBD.


Please consult the properties, benefits and ingredients in the pages of each product.


CBD Oil Basic 3%, CBD Hydrating Cream, CBD Lip Balm


With this pack you save 23%

Warning: The use of these products is for external use only. Please read our Legal Notice if you have any questions about current legislation.

The Beemine commitment

With every purchase you are supporting local beekeepers and a chain of production focused on ethical processes. At The Beemine Lab we are committed to creating products that respect the environment in all production phases. We promote the use of natural remedies that the earth offers us, in a respectful way, to raise awareness about biodiversity

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