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12 min
If you are thinking of starting your own private label CBD project in Spain, either within your company or as a freelancer, you probably aspire to create products from scratch. However, both the sector and the raw material require a series of skills in which very few brands, such as The Beemine Lab, are specialised […]
CBD epilepsia
8 min
What is epilepsy? Epilepsy is a chronic disease that affects brain neurons, which show uncontrolled and improvised electrical activity that causes physical and psychological consequences of different types, affecting the quality of daily life in a variable way depending on the severity of the disorder. It affects around 50 million people worldwide (400,000 in Spain) […]
9 min
The Endocannabinoid System, how does it work? Endocannabinoid Glossary: Endocannabinoid system (ECS): Intercellular communication system in charge of balancing metabolic processes and optimizing the function of our body. Phytocannabinoid: A cannabinoid naturally produced by a plant. Endocannabinoid: Cannabinoid naturally produced by the human or animal body. Synthetic cannabinoids: Cannabinoids created in laboratories. Cannabinoid receptor: Receptors […]
11 min
Explaining what CBD is and why it is a safe substance CBD is a natural compound which comes from the Cannabis Sativa L plant. It offers various therapeutic properties which are endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO)(1). Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relief), relaxing, anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) and neuroprotective properties, among others, CBD and […]
15 min
La planta de Cannabis Sativa L produce diferentes compuestos entre los cuales destacan los cannabinoides, casi totalmente exclusivos de esta especie. El Cannabidiol, conocido por sus siglas CBD, es uno de los dos principales (junto con el Tetrahidrocannabinol o THC) entre los más de 120 que se presentan en la planta. Los fitocannabinoides como el […]
Cover - Different administration methods for CBD use
6 min
CBD also known as Cannabiol is a substance derived from the Cannabis Sativa L plant, sometimes called hemp. CBD has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a substance with promising therapeutic benefits, in addition the WHO pointed out that it is not harmful for health, does not generate addiction and does not have […]

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